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I am Sareth, I am a 25 year old stay at home parent and artist who likes spooky things, collecting books, spicy food, and cute socks. Weird sense of humor, straddling the line between Goth and Punk.
I am also pagan and a practicing witch, Vaguely masculine, Pan/Bi, and rational otherkin.
Pronouns are totally Purple/People/Eater (Actual pronouns he/him/his)

~*~Credendo Vides~*~

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May 6, 2013 / 33 notes



OK, you could have been a god in a past life.

You are NOT a god in this life.

You’re especially not something stupid like the “draconic god of blood.”

And if you’re trying to find worshipers in this life…

i got no problem with godkin just for being godkin, but if/when they start demanding extra respect for being a god or go looking for worshippers thats when my eyebrows launch so far up they achieve orbit.

I know a godkin, their general view is that they are only a small part of the overall deity that was put into a human vessel. They are not the Whole God, and are currently human in the here and now and don’t want, need or feel the right to have any worshippers.

Posted on: 6 May, 2013 with 33 Notes

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    I have never been so happy with my atheism as I am after reading this.
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    If gods really wanted to interact with people, Tumblr would be the last place they’d go.
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    just becouse you believe souls exist and that your soul is the one of a god is not only a extrmely selfish worldview,...
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    Interesting how people just automatically jump to the conclusion that there are only human souls on Earth and godkin...
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    Same here. Whether I believe the person or not is irrelevant, but I typically don’t care as long as they’ve proven to be...
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    i usually make a point of not judging too hard based on appearances, saving that for their actual behaviour. if someone...
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    thank you.
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