Whiskey and Glitter // A Message to Godkin
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~*~By believing one sees~*~
I am Sareth, I am a 24 year old stay at home parent and artist who likes spooky things, collecting books, spicy food, and cute socks. Weird sense of humor, straddling the line between Goth and Punk.
I am also pagan and a practicing witch, Vaguely masculine thing, pansexual and rational otherkin.
Pronouns are totally Purple/People/Eater

~*~Credendo Vides~*~

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OK, you could have been a god in a past life.

You are NOT a god in this life.

You’re especially not something stupid like the “draconic god of blood.”

And if you’re trying to find worshipers in this life…

i got no problem with godkin just for being godkin, but if/when they start demanding extra respect for being a god or go looking for worshippers thats when my eyebrows launch so far up they achieve orbit.

I know a godkin, their general view is that they are only a small part of the overall deity that was put into a human vessel. They are not the Whole God, and are currently human in the here and now and don’t want, need or feel the right to have any worshippers.